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There is something so magical about a handwritten card, full of love and intention. I've always admired my grandmother, who writes thank you cards for every occasion no matter how small it may seem. Although I had good intentions, I never seemed to get out quite as many thank you notes. In the modern world, we barely buy stamps or mail anything besides amazon returns. I imagine there are others that want to send cards, too, and realized a company that sends them would take away some of the obstacles that prevent us from doing so. 

When I learned about seed paper, I realized I could combine my two loves. Having grown up in a greenhouse, I've always been around and passionate about plants. A card that could be planted and grown into living plants seems so special to me.


At Seeds of Paper, we seek to go beyond a greeting card and help our customers plant love - for their loved ones and the planet. We plant a tree every time we receive an order through out partnership with Ecologi. You can view our forest here.

Thank you for visiting our site. If you have any questions about an order or plantable cards, feel free to reach out.




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